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WebPageOz produces world class websites at reasonable prices and will support these websites to ensure the customer is satisfied.

WebPageOz will take over servicing your website if you are not happy with your current web developer.

  • WebPageOz is committed to the highest quality of workmanship.
  • WebPageOz will fully support all WebPageOz produced websites by allowing up to
    one hour of free maintenance/updates within the first ninety days after completion.
  • WebPageOz can make instant changes to websites, as requested via email from clients registered email address.
  • WebPageOz can maintain or update your own website for you at reasonable rates.
  • WebPageOz can correct and touchup your photos for you before placing them on your website. See example
  • You can be assured that all communication and work done on your website will be kept in the strictest confidence.
  • FREE SERVICE - Website analysis and report of your website.
    This report will cover usability, navigation, use of images, readability, search engine optimization plus more.
    With this report you will be able to see how to improve your website or you may request a free, no obligation quote for WebPageOz to do the work for you. Please use the Feedback Form to submit your website details.

  • Please see the Contact page for details about contacting WebPageOz.
  • Messages can be left by using the Feedback Form if you access the web via public means (libraries etc).