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What is Domain Name Registration?
Domain Name registration allows you to have the 'URL' (Uniform Resource Locator) of your choice so that no one else can ever have the same name. eg. www.webpageoz.com or www.mychoice.com or www.another.com.au etc.
It must be unique and should relate to you business and also of course must be available ie. no one else has registered it.
WebpageOz can assist you at no charge to find out if the Domain Name you would like to use, is available.
Domain Name registrations are renewable annually or bi-annually depending on the type.
WebPageOz can assist in obtaining Domain Name Registration for you, at very good prices (please see Pricing page), ask us for a quote.


What is Domain Hosting?
Once you have the Domain Name registered, you need to have it somewhere where people can access it on the world wide web. This is known as Hosting. Your web pages are placed on a special server of the host and then everyone else can see your website.
The renewal process is usually annually for this service.
WebPageOz can assist in obtaining Domain Hosting for you, at very good prices (please see Pricing page), ask us for a quote. Also see 'What is URL Redirection?' question below.


What is URL Redirection?
URL Redirection is usually linked to a Domain Name and redirects this domain name to your own ISP (Internet Service Provider) web space or another URL.
So instead of advertising this URL: http://www.users.myispname.com/~username, you use your own Domain Name eg. http://www.myname.com  which is redirected to your webpages and then every one sees only this new short URL. This saves on Hosting charges as this is no longer required. Every person with internet access usually has web space available through their ISP - why not make use of this.
WebPageOz can assist in obtaining your Domain Name/URL Redirection for you, at very good prices (please see Pricing page), ask us for a quote.


How can I make payments to WebPageOz?
You can make payments on the Pricing page by using PayPal or with your credit card using the PayPal system (you don't have to join PayPal). PayPal is a very secure way of transferring money. Find out more here http://www.paypal.com.au .
Other methods of payment may be possible, please contact WebPageOz regarding this.

I am in the USA, can you make a website for me?
Yes - It does not matter where in the world you are, WebPageOz can make your website and provide all the other services required to get you online.

How long have you been in the website production business?
Eric Rodda-Software/WebPageOz have been producing websites since 1997.

How can I see more examples of your work?
Please check out the Portfolio page.


I would like to make my own website, how do I go about it?
You can certainly make your own. See the hints and ideas section on the Tools page.
If you find you are having trouble, come back to WebPageOz and let us help you.