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   by Aiseesoft


I actually use this product myself and have found it to be the only product that converts my Panasonic Blu-ray recorder files (.mts) to other video formats.
I convert the .mts files to high quality mpeg2 files suitable for creating DVDs.
Ask me for the settings - if you are interested.
Of course, the number of file formats that this program can convert and can convert to is exhaustive.
Once you load the program, you will see what I mean.

This trial lets you confirm the quality of the program and is limited to videos of 5 minutes or less. Once registered, this limitation is removed.
To download the trial version of this great program, click the button above or click here or right click these links and select "Save link as" or similar.

The installation is quick and easy and no other software is loaded at the same time.

The program size is approx. 26Mb.

The cost to register the program, in Australian dollars, is less than $40.00.
You can register your trial version simply within the program.






Looking to feel more relaxed when you work or play ?

Mirolit Halotea is an application for sound atmosphere creation, relaxation and rest (sounds of nature, binaural sound, calming music, editable sound themes)...
Halotea has a built-in audio player, recorder and scheduler.

Try this magnificent software that I am now using...Halotea
No tapes or CDs - just run the program in the background with your favorite selection.
You can even add your own sounds.
I added another frog sound, listen to a recording of part of my day...

...the player above uses Adobe FLASH
and is best using Chrome browser...

No player? For devices without FLASH...play file...

 Install the Trial Version of Halotea first...

You can purchase this software now by clicking on the "20% off" graphic below...
but download and 
try before you buy !

Download Halotea Trial Version

This way you will have the ID Installation code required. See note below*

 * While buying Halotea, you will be asked for an ID Installation - the code that appears when the unregistered version of Halotea starts. It should look like "MH2-xxxx-xxxx-xxxx".
Please copy it carefully to "Additional Information" section on the form for successful registration.

Purchase Halotea at a Discount Price


"Installation ID" required - See note above* - Install Trial Version first.

This software can be used to produce unique background tracks for you latest video/DVD creations. The track recording time can be adjusted so that no trimming is required..

Check it out at the Mirolit website.




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